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tacowitch asked:

As in, either all solid state or all tube.

I’d pickup a used GK 800 RB. Second to that, I’d grab one of those recent Guitar Center related Acoustic bass heads, if you don’t drive the pre too hard they sound great and don’t blow up.

I’ve had great luck with both and they’re cheap.

colsonj asked:

Were Shiner's overdriven sounds from pushing clean amps with pedals, or from switching between clean and dirty amps? if so, what amps were clean, and which were dirty? sorry for the elaborate question, i really love the guitar sounds on the egg.

thanks! on “the egg”, i used an old (pre-gibson) orange or120 with an orange 4x12, and an ac30 reissue with blue bulldogs. to get my gain i was using a rackmount mesa v twin preamp. i ran both amps on all the time, so they were both clean and dirty. i used a stock american standard tele for pretty much the whole thing. 

allen used pretty much the same as he does now, except his having switched to a 2x12 cab. he was playing a jaguar with emg pickups as well as his trusty hohner. 

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